Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A New Post!

It has been to long since my last post but it has been a busy last few months. There has been many topics I have been wanting to blog about but my schedule and being lazy has keep me from doing so. I am going to try to stat posting more often but I can not promise anything. Football season is around the corner so I will have a college and pro preview of what to expect this season. I hope to buy NCAA Football 08 for Xbox 360 this weekend and will give review of the game when I do.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


First of all let me say Imus is an idiot. He was an idiot before his Rutgers comments and will always be an idiot. But I think this whole obsession the news as had about Imus and his stupid comments is way over hyped. Jason Whitlock (who is one of the best sports writers today but does not get the credit he deserves because he is an intelligent sports writer and idiots at ESPN are threatened by him) has a very good article in the Kansas City Star. On thing he touches on is the gangster culture that is prevalent in rap music. Working in education I see the impact this culture is having on kids. I see kids everyday who say they want to be pimps or drug dealers because it’s cool and easy money. Many of these kids are bright and could contribute to society when older but this gangster culture is destroy a generation of young people.

Jason Whitlock

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Football season over

It is had to believe another football season is in the books. For us football junkies there is spring training soon in collage football and then the NFL draft. I for one am going to miss football until September but am also looking forward to writing about other topics of interest.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Game day is finally here. After all the hype and hoopla it is time to play ball! One the things that I love about the Super Bowl, is how everyone has an opinion about the game. People who have not watched an NFL game all year will give their “expert opinion” on who is going to win. With that being said I will now give my analysis of the game.

In the Super Bowl there is always an x-factor player who no one expected to have a big impact on the games outcome. For the Bears, players I think that can have a big impact on the game are return specialist Devin Hester and cornerbacks Nathan Vasher and Charles Tillman. The Colts have been known to have special team break downs repeatedly and if it happens in this game Devin Hester could be the games MVP just as Desmond Howard was in Super Bowl XXXI for the Green Bay Packers.

The Bears defense is know as a Tampa II defense but in reality they have played man coverage about 50% of the time especially in the playoffs. The Bears cornerbacks will most likely play man coverage against the Colts wide receivers to keep Dallas Clark from putting up big numbers like he did in the AFC title game. If Nathan Vasher and Charles Tillman for the Bears have big games it could be a long day for the Colts.

With the Bears looking to keep Colts wide receivers from having a big game, the Colts running game could be the difference for the Colts. With so much focus on Peyton Manning and Colts receivers, Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai could be the games MVPs. The Bears two running backs have gotten all the attention the past two weeks so Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai should be out to prove they are just as talented.

After the Colts beat New England many of the players and the fans were acting as they just won the Super Bowl. Will the Colts have a let down like Philadelphia did two years ago, when they finally reached the Super Bowl? I would not be surprised to see the Colts come out flat as they did in the AFC title game. Luckily for the Colts, the Bears offence is not high powered. In the end all the close games the Colts played this year will payoff and the Colts offence will force the Bears offence to keep pace and Rex Grossman will make some mistakes. Peyton Manning has come too far to let this slip through his hands.
Colts 34 Bears 24

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Conference Title Matchups

New Orleans at Chicago
Many people are predicting the outcome of this game is in Rex Grossman’s hands but I think the outcome will be determined by how well the Bears defense plays. Chicago’s defense is banged-up and not playing like it did earlier in the season. If the defense plays well then the Bears win. The past few weeks the Bears defense has been average and New Orleans offence will score at will if the defense does not come to play. Brian Urlacher is the key to the game and I think he will have a monster game. Most dome teams do not play well in cold weather so this could be a problem for New Orleans.
Chicago 27 New Orleans 17

New England at Indianapolis
I expect New England to take the lessons they learned from the meeting earlier in the season and apply them to this game. It is difficult to beat the Pats twice in one season because they make adjustments like no other team in the league. Indianapolis is playing great defense but there are weaknesses that New England will exploit. The Colts have the advantage with team speed especially with the game being played on turf. The pass rush of the Colts will be a problem for New England. I would not be surprised to see New England play more of a spread offence using draws, screens and misdirection to slow down the Colts defense. Peyton Manning is not playing very good right now but the Colts are winning. Most people want the Colts to win but New England has so many clutch players who find ways to win no mater what the odds. Until the Colts prove they can win a big game of this magnitude you have to take New England. This is one prediction I hope I am wrong on.
New England 31 Indianapolis 28

Friday, January 12, 2007

Divisional Playoffs!

Seattle at Chicago. I think this one will come down to how well Rex Grossman plays. Chicago on paper has the better team but Chicago also has the worse starting QB in the playoffs. Seattle will play hard but Chicago has much defense and special teams to lose. Chicago 24 Seattle 13

Philadelphia at New Orleans. Philadelphia has been here before but this time with a different starting QB. New Orleans is the new kid on the block and talented. In the playoffs experience can be overrated but not this time, Philadelphia will give win a close one on the road.
Philadelphia 24 New Orleans 21

New England at San Diego. This game is the hardest one to pick. San Diego is clearly the better team but New England just has that look like they did a few years ago when they won it all. Belichick is a master at putting a game plan that can confuse any opposing QB. In the end LaDainian Tomlinson will carry San Diego to victory. It would not surprise me if New England won but they won’t.
San Diego 31 New England 21

Indianapolis at Baltimore. All week Peyton Manning has heard how he chokes in big games. Peyton Manning had an average game against KC and I don’t expect him to be average two weeks in a row. Baltimore’s offence just is not very good, even with Steve McNair. If Peyton Manning is patient and the colts defense gives half the effort they did against KC, the colts will win.
Indianapolis 17 Baltimore 10

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

BCS Title Game

Everyone has an opinion of who is going to win this year’s national title but one area Florida has already beaten Ohio State is its graduation rate for its players. Using last years numbers, Florida had an 80% graduation rate. Florida had a respectable graduation rate but not great. Ohio State on the other hand had a dismal graduation rate with only 54% of its football player walking away with college degrees. Of all the national powerhouses Notre Dame had the highest with a 96% graduation rate. If you look at top 25 teams in college football most school fall into the 50%-60% graduation rate. That is just unacceptable for any school not to graduate most of its players. I understand some players transfer of leave early for the NFL but most players are recruited to play football not to be student-athletes. Notre Dame has shown you can have a good profitable football program and still make sure your players graduate. The NCAA could easily stop many universities using these kids as commodities and require at least an 85% graduation rate for their players to be eligible to play in a bowl game. This would include BCS bowl games. The NCAA could also take away scholarships if schools do not meet this standard.

NCAA's grad numbers

New Year Resolutions!

At the start of every New Year, the gym I go to always sees a great increase of new members. When March rolls around most of those new members are no longer members and quit working out altogether. Weight loss and being fit is usually at the top of most peoples list of New Year Resolutions yet so many people fail at it. The biggest reason why this happens is because losing weight and getting fit takes hard work and dedication. People will use excuses that they have to work or don’t have time because of family or other obligations. The truth is many people who are fit and dedicated to a healthy life style have just as many responsibilities and obligations. The difference between them and people who fail is they did not give up when the going got tough. Anyone who tells you working out and eating healthy is easy is lying to you because it takes sacrifice and hard work. Before you start any diet or workout program consult your physician and go from there to put yourself in the best possible situation to achieve your goal.